We are a fifth generation family fishing business.  Operating since  1989, we have a fleet of three fishing vessels, all manned by family skippers.

We differ from most other fish sellers because we own and fish from our own boats that are responsible for the majority of what we sell.   This means we are in complete control of the quality of seafood throughout the entire process.  When we say we guarantee freshness, we mean it.

In November 2017, we started operating our fresh seafood barge from the iconic Gem Pier in Williamstown.  Open weekends from 9am – 1pm, we offer an array of fresh seafood – crayfish, giant King crabs, shark and scale fish (when available), oysters, prawns and scallops.  You’ll find Kelli, Anthony and our children, Britt, Hannah, Will and Dayna all on hand to assist with your selections.

We also sell wholesale to restaurants and suppliers.  If you would like to enquire about placing an order, please contact Kelli Olver on 0402 290 812 or by email at kelliolver@yahoo.com.