Meet our Fleet!

We’re a little different to most fish sellers because we own and fish from our own boats that are responsible for the majority of what we sell.   This means we are in complete control of the quality of seafood throughout the entire process.  When we say we guarantee freshness, we mean it!

Let us introduce you to our fleet.

Amayos is 19 metres long, has an aft wheel house and is of traditional design, and steel construction.  Skippered by Anthony (owner and family Head Honcho) with his deck mate, Lorik, this vessel works mostly on the continental shelf, south of Victoria and on the west coast of Tasmania.


Amayos catches long lined gummy shark, school shark, snapper, flathead, latchet, ocean perch and knife jaw. This fish is always premium quality because it’s hook caught and comes aboard one at a time – another way we differ from many other operators – and is immediately cleaned and put in an ice slurry. This vessel also catches giant crab and crayfish.


Pegass is skippered by Anthony’s brother, John and his crew, Dan and Pete.  This vessel is engaged in shark fishing full time, mostly in the Bass Strait area around King Island.

Boat 2

Western Light is skippered by Anthony’s father, Kit and his crew Lindsey and George.  The vessel is focussed on giant crab fishing and cray fishing on the west coast of Tasmania.

See…..we told you it was a family affair!

We catch it this morning, for your table tonight.


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